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Cam Farr Owner/Operator
Superstar Music Services

THIS is what I've been up to in the last little while.

Yeah, it's a bit on the large side but I was engrossed by all the bells and whistles on this baby:

  • holds up to 5000 songs
  • all licensed and in 320 kbps secure MP3 format that's the best you can get right now.
  • that's the best you can get right now. I could've gone higher, but they said this was the smart way to go. We'll see...
  • Despite its size, it's still an awesome piece of machinery and look forward to trying it somewhere! In case anyone's wondering, this is why the page is taking so long to make. Pretty sweet, yes?

  • a PCDJ DAC-2 controller which is a more professional way to controlling the functions of the software (beats a keyboard and mouse, yes?). You can almost do it all with that.
  • recommended touch-screen interface. I'm 1 in 5 people who didn't opt for that so they didn't prepare me properly and I had an agonizing wait.
  • online access to 100,000 songs. It's unfortunately not perfect as certain artists don't wish their songs to be downloaded in ANY form, ex. Beatles, Metallica (no brainer) as well as certain songs like the original "Tiny Dancer" (Toby Keith's is better!) or Tim McGraw's "Something Like That". The updates are also a little behind. I only just got "Gimme More" in the last few weeks.
  • optional video/karaoke subscriptions. I chose neither since I never took off with that.
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