MCI Grad '99

The Minnedosa Collegiate Class of 1999


The Minnedosa Collegiate Institute, Class of 1999 officially said goodbye to their school days last week with a toss of their graduation caps. The ceremonies were held for the first time at the Minnedosa Community Conference Centre.

M.C.I. Grad '99

Graduation Exercises for Graduates of the Class of 1999 were held at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, June 25 in the Minnedosa Communty Conference Centre.

The Valedictory Address was delivered by Greg Heuchert and Jodi Wayne who brought back many memories for the graduates over their thirteen years of schooling.

The graduating class of 1999 honored Devin naming him Student of the Year. In addition to the certificates presented at grad this year, recognition certificates were given to grads elected by the student body to the Wall of Fame. The graduation address was delivered by Mr. Stone.

The graduation banquet was held at the Minnedosa Community Hall. The incoming student council president Derek Horner M.C.ed the event. One of the features of the evening was a "Big Screen" video production of memories by the Class of '99.

1999 Graduates and their Awards

Christie Anderson- daughter of Nicole and Ken Anderson.

Ambition: to become an animal health technologist
Fate: Dog catcher

Rhonda Beatty- daughter of Annette and Bob Beatty. Rhonda received the Minnedosa Co-op Bursary worth $200 and a Silver Academics & Athletics Medallion.

Ambition: CPGA golf pro
Fate: Beatty's Chip and Putt

Kevin Betteridge- son of Donna and Carl Betteridge.

Ambition: to become a fireman and save lives
Fate: to become a crazy pyromaniac

Garrett Bruce- son of Fay and Wayne Bruce. Garrett received a Silver Academics & Athletics Medallion.

Ambition: to become a rich businessman
Fate: serving drinks for rich businessmen at the town bar

Nicole Cook- daughter of Janie Cook and Barb & Ken Cook. Nicole received a Bronze Athletics Medallion.

Ambition: Agronomist
Fate: Bin Builder

Charlotte Crawley- daughter of Annette Quirk and Glen Crawley. Charlotte received the Minnedosa Foundation Award worth $500, the Chown Centennial Entrance Scholarship, a Silver Academics & Athletics Medallion, and served on the 4-H Council. Charlotte also received a $1,100.00 University of Manitoba Entrance scholarship!!

Ambition: Farmer
Fate: Mayor of Clanwilliam

Erin Currie- daughter of Ray and Heather Currie. Erin received a Bronze Service Medallion.

Ambition: to marry an NBA star and become rich and famous
Fate: ticket seller for NBA games

Melissa DeBackere- daughter of Maureen and Darwin DeBackere.

Ambition: Veterinarian
Fate: Custodian at local zoo

David Devins- son of Irene and Doug Devins.

Ambition: Olympic snowboarder
Fate: Olympic spectator

Patrick Doerksen- son of Trudy and Gordon Doerksen. Patrick received a Gold Medallion and served on the Minnedosa Credit Union Youth Board.

Ambition: to be a rich lawyer
Fate: lawyer

Kane Dowsett- son of Karen and Doug Dowsett.

Ambition: Farmer

Jackie Freeman- daughter of Donna and Gordon Freeman. Jackie received a Bronze Academics Medallion.

Ambition: Dietician
Fate: Dairy Queen employee

Shannon Goetz- daughter of Sharon and Cal Goetz. Shannon received the Kinette Award for $300, a Gold Medallion, and was placed on the Wall of Fame for Athletics

Ambition: Creative Designer
Fate: LEGO maniac

Nicole Gordon.- daughter of Evelyn and Gordon. Nicole received the Robyn Walterson Memorial for $450, the Lois M. Franks Memorial for $500, a Silver Service & Academics Medallion and served on the Minnedosa Credit Union Youth Board. Nicole was also acknowledged for her 2 years serving as treasurer of the Yearbook.

Ambition: to become a marine biologist
Fate: sell hot dogs at Marine Land

Megan Graham (Governor General's Award Winner)- daughter of Sharon and Murray Graham. Megan received the R.R.S.D. English 40S, William Angus Grant Memorial, Charette Award for Excellence in Community Service worth $125, the Minnedosa Credit Union Award for $500, a Silver Service & Academics Medallion, and was placed on the Honor Roll. Megan also received the $750 University of Brandon Entrance scholarship!!

Ambition: to be a freelance writer
Fate: comic book writer

Stacy Greavett- daughter of Jackie and Ken Greavett. Stacy received a Silver Medallion for Service & Athletics.

Ambition: to become adventure tour guide
Fate: to become president of the Mickey Mouse Club

Ryan Gugin (Student of the Year)- son of Gerri and Craig Gugin.

Ambition: doctor
Fate: to find a cure for that illness he had on test days

Ryan Hardy- son of Audrey and Jim Hardy.

Ambition: Automotive Technician
Fate: gas pumper

Greg Heuchert (Valedictorian)- son of Pat and Ron Heuchert.

Ambition: to find out who put the caramel in the Caramilk bar
Fate: Mohawk gas pumper

Ashley Hinsburg- son of Doris Merkly and Cecil Hinsburg.

Ambition: farmer
Fate: farmer

Heather Horner- daughter of Wendy and Brian Horner. Heather served on the 4-H Council.

Ambition: to become the next President of thr USA
Fate: to buy the CD

Wes Huyghe- son of Sue and Tom Huyghe. Wes received the Eva Fraser Award for Photography.

Ambition: Adventure tour guide
Fate: stuntman

Jennifer Hyde- daughter of Susan and Keith Hyde. Jennifer received the Canadian Legion Auxiliary Award for $200.

Ambition: creative designer
Fate: to never go near a slough again

Patricia Jackson- daughter of Loreen and Glen Jacskon. Patricia received a Silver Medallion for Service & Academics, the Robyn Walterson Memorial for $450 and the Preceptor Zeta Bursary for $150.

Ambition: to become a successful musician
Fate: rapper
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Tyler Jacobson- son of Kristine and Calvin Jacobson. Tyler received a Silver Medallion for Service & Athletics and served on the Minnedosa Credit Union Youth Board.

Ambition: to play in the NHL
Fate: to play in the BHL

Brett Johnson- son of Georgina and Barry Johnson. Brett received a Gold Medallion and served on the Minnedosa Credit Union Youth Board.

Ambition: CIA sniper
Fate: shoot himself in the foot

Mark LeBoutellier- son of Gwen and Murray LeBoutellier. Mark received a Silver Medallion for Academics & Athletics.

Ambition: anything but a farmer
Fate: farmer

Jennifer Leigh- daughter Sharon and Clyde Stephenson. Jennifer serbed on the 4-H Council.

Ambition: veterinarian
Fate: mow lawn at a pet cemetary

Becky Low- daugher of Cheryl and John Low. Becky received a Gold Medallion, the Dr. Richard Parker Award for $500, the Minnedosa Health District Auxiliary Award for $500. Becky also received a scholarship for $2,000 first year & $1,000 with an average of 80% thereafter.

Ambition: to become a psychologist
Fate: to become a patient

Jill McArthur- daughter of Dana and Douglas McArthur.

Ambition: Agronomist
Fate: professional ballet dancer

Ray McKay- grandson of Elma and Herbert Sharpley.

Ambition: chef
Fate: charged for food poisoning

Suanne McKee- daughter of Maureen and Roy McKee. Suanne received the Beta Sigma Phi Lambda Bursary for $250 and a Bronze Athletics Medallion.

Ambition: dentist
Fate: Colgate mouth model

Jayme McManus- daughter of Sally and Raymond McManus. Jayme received a Bronze Athletics Medallion.

Ambition: St. John's Ambulance worker
Fate: professional hockey player

Alastair McMurachy- son of Shirley and Guy McMurachy. Alastair received the Kinsmen Memorial for $500, was placed on the Wall of Fame for Academics, a Gold Medallion and was also placed on the Honor Roll. Alastair also received a $50,000 Royal Military College scholarship to Kingston.

Ambition: Engineer in the Canadian Army
Fate: move to Scotland so he can wear a kilt everyday

Jared McNabb- son of Colleen and Dennis McNabb. Jared received the Minnedosa Lions Club Award for $300, the Masonic Award for $100, the Manny Hoffman Memorial Award for $300 and a Gold Medallion.

Ambition: to win the canteen's milk cow
Fate: get Brett Johnson to shoot whoerver wins it

Jason McNabb- son of Sherri and Clark McNabb. Jason received a Bronze Athletics Medallion.

Ambition: to become a famous and talented musician
Fate: to play in a nand with his 20 kids

Michael McNabb- son of Elaine and Robert McNabb. Mike received the M.T.S. Service Award for $450, served on the Minnedosa Credit Union Youth Board, Yearbook Award for being co-editor of the MCI Yearbook and a Gold Medallion. Mike also received a $1,500.00 Wilfred Laurier Entrance scholarship!

Ambition: Air Canada pilot
Fate: to get beaten by the Grad class for these comments (Brett- take note -Ed.)

Chad McVey- son of Laurie and Bill McVey.

Ambition: welder/millwright
Fate: 50,000 demerits for speeding

Daniel Meadows- son of Barbara and David Meadows. Danny received the Robyn Walterson Memorial Award for $450 and served on the 4-H Council.

Ambition: Mechanical Engineer
Fate: to build the most devastating bomb ever

Michael Miller- son of Val and Brian McFarlane.

Ambition: to become a rich and powerful businessman with a beautiful wife
Fate: to become a rich and powerful businessman with an obese wife

Chris Nelson- Gisele abd David Nelson. Chris received the Power Mechanics Award, Morris Industries Bursary for $100, Up & Away Balloons for $50 and a Silver Service & Academics Medallion.

Ambition: Automotive Mechanic
Fate: Automotive Mechanic/teacher

Jeffrey Noordenbos- son of Marilyn and Ernie Noordenbos.

Ambition: hunting guide
Fate: crocodile hunter/wrestler

Cory Parrott- son of Kimme and Glenn Parrott. Cory received a Bronze Service & Athletics Medallion and served on the Minnedosa Credit Union Youth Board.

Ambition: Super Striker in the Italian soccer league
Fate: H20 distribution engineer

Matthew Pass- son of Christine and Stan Pass. Matthew received a Bronze Academics Medallion.

Ambition: farmer
Fate: farmer

Kelsey Robinson- son of June and Jim Robinson. Kelsey was the STEMS Top Student for 4 years.

Ambition: farmer
Fate: build an NHL arena in Bethany

Joseph Scale- son of Nichola and Richard Scale. Joe received a Bronze Athletics Medallion.

Ambition: Rocket Scientist
Fate: Rugby superstar

Corinne Sharpe- daughter of Kim and Bruce Sharpe. Corynne served on the 4-H Council.

Ambition: to find out who shot JFK
Fate: Professional bull rider

Arron Silverthorn- son of Jacquie and Bruce Proven. Aaron received a Bronze Athletics Medallion.

Ambition: To become a police officer
Fate: to go to jail for life

Sherry Smith- daughter of Mona and Roger Smith. Sherry received the Elks Lodge Bursary for $400 and a Bronze Service Medallion.

Ambition: psychologist
Fate: patient

Andrew Wark- son of Kathy and Leonard Wark.

Ambition: to become the next Bill gates
Fate: comedian

Joseph Warwaruk- son of Marion and Paul Warwaruk. Joseph received the Minnedosa Collegiate Teachers Award for $200 and a Silver Service & Academics Medallion.

Ambition: Fighter Pilot
Fate: Professional Wrestler

Jodi Wayne (Valedictorian)- daughtrer of Linda and Jeff Wayne. Jodi received United Commercial Travellers $150 and a Silver Academics & Athletics Medallion.

Ambition: Agricultural Secretary
Fate: Boss in some type of agricultural business!

Keith Woodcock- son of Patti and Kirk Woodcock. Keith received a Silver Academics & Athletics Medallion.

Ambition: Computer Engineer
Fate: the next Bill Gates!!

Stacy Hislop, who graduated last year, received a Bronze Academics Medallion as well.

Stacey's been through enough this year. Have a good year, sweetie!!:o)

Award Pictures

Senior Counsellor Wilma McLaughlin presents Jodi Wayne with the United Commercial Travellers Scholarship of $150.00, which is given to a Senior IV student who is pursuing a post secondary education other than university enrolment.

MCI Grad receives full scholarship to Royal Military College

Alastair McMurachy

By Nancy Johnson

Although many students fresh out of high school may not know exactly what their futures will hold, 1999 Minnedosa Collegiate graduate, Alastair McMurachy, knows exactly where he will be headed thanks to a full scholarship to the Royal Military College in Kingston.

Alastair, son of Guy and Shirley McMurachy of Shoal Lake, will be fulfilling a life long dream of joining the Canadian military while taking Civil Engineering at the College. In addition to the scholarship, McMurachy will also be a paid member of the Canadian military. After graduating with his degree in engineering, McMurachy will be required to remain with the military for a further five years, but he noted that he plans to remain with the Armed Forces regardless.

"It's a full university scholarship but you're also a member of the Canadian Armed Forces so you're recognized globally. I always wanted to be a part of the Canadian Military and I also wanted to go into Civil Engineering. Now I get to combine everything I wanted, I'm pumped!," exclaimed Alastair.

The criteria for being awarded a scholarship to the college, worth in excess of $50,000, are a high level of scholastic achievement as well as community involvement. Alastair currently has over a 90% average at MCI and was involved with the math tutorial program at school, The Minnedosa Rowing Centre, as well as the high school hockey and rugby teams, both of which were Provincial winners for 1999.

The day after graduation, Alastair will leave for two months of boot camp in Quebec where he noted he will learn to become an officer, after that its off to the college.

The Royal Military College in Kingston is now over 100 years old. It was established by an Act of the Canadian Parliament in 1874 "for the purpose of providing a complete education in all branches of military tactics, fortification, engineering, and general scientific knowledge in subjects connected with and necessary to thorough knowledge of the military profession." On June 1, 1876, the Military College of Canada opened its doors to the first class of 18 gentlemen cadets.


Local Girl Wins UGG Members' Scholarship

Charlotte Crawley

Charlotte Crawley was the local winner of the UGG Scholarship Program of $2,400.00. Each year ten individuals receive scholarships - 2 recipients from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta/British Columbia; with the balance of the four from across the Provinces.

Each scholarship is worth a maximum of $600 annual per year of study for a maximum of 4 years study, for a total maximum scholarship of $2,400.

Charlotte was the winner of a University of Manitoba entrance scholarship; the Chown University of Manitoba academic scholarship, and the Minnedosa Foundation local scholarship. She is attending the University of Manitoba in the field of Agriculture.

Springer's Final Thought: I think this message should come from the lips of the oh-so-wise Forrest Gump: "Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're gonna get." Also, dreams are like that box of chocolates; you have to try more than one to find the really good ones!- Lyle Dowsett, Valedictorian for the Class of '95. As with all the grads who walk out of here, not just mine, I wish you all the best of luck in everything you do and remember that you never fail at something unless you stop trying altogether. Graduation is a happy time, while it is also a sad time. You may be happy to be walking out those big doors for the last time, or you may be wanting to come back in when your girlfriend kicks you out for leaving the toilet seat up or not doing important things for her like buying her flowers or saying "I love you" (Frank and Nacy Sinatra said it best!) or even getting fired from that high-paying job at Sassy's or something. I also personally think a Web page is a good way of showing off your class because it leaves a bigger mark for you. Rob McNabb says something like this really brings back memories (although the Reflector never produced any this year!!) and makes the Class look good. While I may not be a member of this particular class, I do think that this is a Grad present that will live on forever (or until the server's computer crashes. BTW, all three grad sections are now on a different server -- go figure!!) Finally, I would like to thank everyone for accepting me and for all the wild parties. Congratulations once again to the Chancellors hockey and rugby teams. You guys will surely be missed next year. Thanks to the guys and gals for all the high-fives, hard or soft, and even to my class who may be reading this for all the e-mails and chain letters (Kim V. and Melissa). Congratulations to you too; it's been two years!! Also, happy anniversary to the '98 Grads as well. I can see this is getting long, so "until next time, take care of yourself -- and each other."

Tomorrow on Springer, young adults who watch WAAAAAAAAY too much television revisited!

by Cameron Farr, Class of '97.

I have FINALLY, after a few sleepless nights and a call to KX 96, located a full-length Real Audio version of "You're A Superstar" by Love Inc.!! This requires RealPlayer and possibly a Pentium processor. I discovered this only shortly after upgrading our old 486 computer, so... Try it anyway. Click here to download the song or here to listen to it. To download, you can either click on the link and once it finishes downloading, go to Temporary Internet Files in the Windows directory and copy/cut it from there and paste it somewhere else. Alternatively, right-click on the link and choose Save Link As…

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