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M.C.I. Grad '98

Graduation Exercises for Graduates of the Class of 1998 were held at 2:30 p.m. on Friday, June 26 in the Minnedosa Collegiate gymnasium.

The Valedictory Address was delivered by Grant Burr who brought back many memories for the graduates over their thirteen years of schooling.

The graduating class of 1998 honored Kimberly Taylor by naming her Student of the Year. In addition to the certificates presented at grad this year, recognition certificates were given to grads elected by the student body to the Wall of Fame; Grant Burr, Amanda Winder and Zak Zarry. The graduation address was delivered by Mr. Stone.

The graduation banquet was held at the Minnedosa Community Hall. The incoming student council president Michael McNabb M.C.ed the event and Mr. Lawson toasted the grads. One of the features of the evening was a "Big Screen" video production of memories by the Class of '98.

1998 Graduates and their Awards

Carrie Bayes- daughter of George and Dianne Bayes, Carrie plans to enter the work force and then travel to Finland.

Lyle Best- son of Gloria Hutton and Chris Best, Chris plans to attend Keewatin Community College for Chemical Engineering. Lyle received the Minnedosa Foundation Award, S.T.E.M.S. Top Student (of over four years).

Allan Betteridge - son of Carl and Donna Betteridge, Allan plans to enter the work force.

Marla Boyd- daughter of Gerald and Karly Boyd, Marla plans to attend Brandon University to study Science. Marla received the Elks Lodge Bursary, Manitoba Alive Award, 4-H Council Award, a Gold Medallion, and served on the Credit Union Youth Board.

Grant Burr (Valedictorian)- son of Dave and Lois Burr, Grant plans to attend the University of Winnipeg to obtain a Bachelor of Arts. Grant received the R.R.S.D. English 40S Award, Manitoba Teachers Society Award, Minnedosa Tribune Award, Wall of Fame for School Service, and a Gold Medallion. Click here for the Valedictory Address.

Jay Burton- son of Rick and Donna Burton, Jay plans to attend Red River Community College to study Auto Body. Jay received the Morris Industries Bursary.

Jason Calen- son of Betty Calen, Jason plans to attend B.U. to obtain a Bachelor of Science. Jason received the Minnedosa Health Aid Award, the Manny Hoffman Memorial Award, and a Gold Medallion.

Ian Cowan- son of Don and Susan Cowan, Ian plans to enter the workforce.

Bryce Cram- son of Ken and Val Cram, Bryce enter the work force.

Holly Dalrymple- daughter of Miles and Carol Dalrymple, Holly plans to attend the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology towards photography. Holly received the Manitoba Teacher's Society Award, a Gold Medallion, and served on the Credit Union Youth Board.

Aaron Dennahardt- plans to enter the work force.

Tracy Dobreen- daughter of Len and Gail Dobreen, Tracy plans to enter the work force.

Lee-Anne Dowsett- daughter of Jim and Donna Dowsett, Lee-Anne plans to attend the B.U. School of Music. Lee-Anne received the Lois M. Franks Award, the Preceptor Zeta Bursary, and the U. of M. Entrance Scholarship.

Charlene Everett- daughter of Rick and Carol Everett, Charlene plans to attend B.U. to study education. Charlene received the Kinsmen Memorial Award, the R.R.S.D. Co-Op Ed Award, and a Bronze Medallion for School Service.

Shelley French- daughter of John Amyotte, Shelley plans to enter the work force.

Kenneth Gordon- son of Doug and Evelyn Gordon, Ken plans to enter the work force.

Lori Gwyer- daughter of Lawrence and Nancy Gwyer, Lori plans to attend B.U. Lori received the Minnedosa Co-Op Bursary, 4-H Council Award, and a Gold Medallion.

Peter Gwyer- son of Bob and Cathie Gwyer, Peter plans to study Business Administration in Kelowna, B.C. Peter received the United Commercial Travellers Award and a Silver Medallion.

Stacey Hislop- daughter of Richard and Lorna Hislop, Stacey plans to attend M.C.I. for another year and later attend University.

Brett Hoglund- son of Ken and Susan Hoglund, Brett plans to enter the work force, then attend college.

Jacqueline Instance- daughter of Jim and Dana Instance, Jacqui plans work in Winnipeg, then study Marine Biology.

Ryan LeBoutellier- son of Dave and Linda LeBoutellier, Ryan plans to play hockey or attend Assiniboine Community College (A.C.C.).

Stephen Macey- son of Bert and Joan Woychyshyn, Stephen plans to enter the work force.

Scott Marcino- son of Gail Marcino, Scott plans to enter the work force.

Beverly Mauws- daughter of Murray and Diane Mauws, Bev plans to enter the work force, then attend university. Bev received a Bronze Medallion for School Service and served on the Credit Union Youth Board.

Chad McFarlane- son of Bryan and Joyce McFarlane, Chad plans to enter the work force.

Jason McFarlane- son of Bryan and Joyce McFarlane, Jason plans to farm.

Derk Nelson- son of Barrett and Susan Nelson, Derk plans to attend R.R.C.C. to study Engineering.

Steven Neufeld- son of Eric and Evelyn Neufeld, Steven plans to attend K.C.C. for Chemical Engineering Analysis. Steven received the Lois M. Franks Award, was placed on the Honor Roll.

Ashley Noordenbos- son of Ernie and Marilyn Noordenbos, Ashley plans to enter the work force.

Kerri Nylen- daughter of Glen and Dianne Nylen, Kerri plans to attend A.C.C. to study Early Childhood Education. Kerri received the Kinette Award, the R.R.S.D. Co-Op Ed. Award, and a Gold Medallion.

Meigan Oakley- daughter of James Oakley and Iris Karton, Meigan plans to study Art.

Michelle Philipation- daughter of Bill and Glennis Philipation, Michelle plans to attend B.U. to study Psychiatric Nursing. Michelle received the Beta Sigma Phi Bursary, and a Bronze Medallion.

Colin Pollon- son of Larry and Marlene Pollon, Colin plans to enter the work force.

Melissa Saler- daughter of Rick and Sheryl Saler, Melissa plans to attend B.U. to study Education. Melissa received the Masonic Award, a Gold Medallion and served on the Credit Union Youth Board.

Alanna Shackleford- daughter of Bruce and Arleigh Firby, Alanna plans to attend A.C.C. to study Early Childhood Education. Alanna received the Minnedosa Collegiate Teacher's Award and the R.R.S.D. Cooperative Education Award.

Gary Stevenson- son of Jim and Sharon Stevenson, Gary plans to enter the work force.

Kimberly Taylor (Student of the Year)- daughter of Frank and Carol Taylor, Kimberly plans to attend McMaster University to study Health Sciences. Kim received the Robyn Walterson Memorial Award, the Video Yearbook Award, Credit Union Youth Board Award, the Hogg Centennial Scholarship, a Gold Medallion, is on the Honor Roll and served on the Credit Union Youth Board.

Guy Turchinski- son of Craig and Sandra Turchinski, Guy plans to enter the work force.

Kim van Meijl- daughter of Catherine Gijsbers and Win van Meijl, Kim plans to attend B.U. to study languages and later attend law school. Kim received the Minnedosa Credit Union Award, 4-H Council Award, the Hal Rogers Endowment Bursary a Gold Medallion and served on the Credit Union Youth Board.

Bernard Warwaruk- son of Julian and Jean Warwaruk, Bernard plans to enter the work force.

Julietta Warwaruk- daughter of Paul and Marion Warwaruk, Julie plans to enter the work force.

Jared Wesley (Governor General's Award Winner)- son of Bill and Judy Wesley, Jared plans to attend the University of Alberta in Edmonton to study law. Jared also received the William Angus Grant Memorial Award, Minnedosa Lions Club Award, University of Alberta Scholarships, Westman Sport Association, Manitoba Hockey Foundation Awards, Canadian Association of Principals Award, C.A.P. Student Leadership Award, R.R.S.D. English 40S Award, Robyn Walterson Memorial, the Video Yearbook Award, Honor Roll, Highest Overall Average, and a Gold Medallion..

Amanda Winder- daughter of Henry and Phylis Winder, Amanda plans to attend the U. of M. to study Psychology. Amanda received the Kinsmen Memorial Award, a Gold Medallion, was inducted into the Wall of Fame for Athletics.

Derek Woychyshyn- son of Bert and Joan Woychyshyn, Derek plans to attend A.C.C. to study Cooking.

Zak Zarry- son of Len and Linda Zarry, Zak plans to attend the U. of M. to study Criminology. Zak received the Charette Award of Excellence, Up and Away Balloons, was inducted to the Wall of Fame for Athletics, a Gold Medallion and also served on the Credit Union Youth Board.

M.C.I. Grad Award Pictures

Kimberly Taylor, shown in the photo below with Ms. Reid, was named Student of the Year by the Class of 1998.

Mrs. Donna Dowsett presented Honor Roll plaques to Graduates Jared Wesley, Kim Taylor and Steven Neufeld for Academic Excellence. The three students finished Senior Four with overall averages at 90% or better.

Wesley wins Principals' award

Jared Wesley

The Canadian Association of Principals recently announced that Jared Wesley, son of Bill and Judy Wesley of Minnedosa, was selected as one of the 21 national winners of the CAP Student Leadership Award.

As a recipient of the award Wesley, a 1998 graduate of Minnedosa Collegiate, will receive $500 payable to the university or college of their choice upon registration and attendance. Both the CAP and Premier School Agendas, the financial supporters of the award are strong believers in the values of quality student leaders.

To be selected as scholarship winners, those chosen to receive the award must demonstrate student leadership and participation in various activities while maintaining a high academic standing.

Wesley, also the winner of the Governor General Award, plans to attend the University of Alberta in the fall to study law.

Van Meijl wins $1,000 bursary

Pictured below, Sharon Choy president of the local Kinettes presenting the $1,000 bursary from the Hal Rogers Endowment Fund to Kim Van Meijl.

Recently Kim Van Meijl, a 1998 graduating student of Minnedosa Collegiate, was awarded the $1,000 bursary from the Hal Rogers Endowment Fund. Van Meijl was one of 32 recipients from across Canada to win the award and the only Minnedosa winner ever presented.

The fund was established in memory of the founder of Kinsmen and Kinette Clubs of Canada. The fund has now been operating for three years.

Supported by Kinsmen/Kinette Clubs across the country, the Hal Rogers Endowment Fund will annually award bursaries to successful Canadian applicants who are pursuing post-secondary education at a recognized school of learning. Close to 300 applications to the fund were received from students across the country this year. Van Meijl plans to attend Brandon University this fall.

Successful applicants are chosen by a national board of trustees and are based on the individual's community and school involvement, knowledge of Kin association, and need for financial support in order to pursue further education. 

MCI Graduates receive BU scholarships

Kim Van Meijl to B.U.
Kim van Meijl

Jason Calen

Kim Van Meijl and Jason Calen, both 1998 graduates of Minnedosa Collegiate, were recently awarded the Brandon University Board of Governors Entrance Scholarship in the amount of $1,000.

The award is based on academic excellence in grade 12 and the students have to be entering their first year of study at Brandon University.

This fall Van Meijl will be attending Brandon University and taking a variety of courses with the hopes of eventually entering Law School. Calen will be enrolled in the science program and eventually hopes to attend Medical School.

Minnedosa grads attain prestigious scholarships

Jason Calen, 18 year old son of Betty Calen of Minnedosa, MB, has been awarded the George Burns Scholarship of $15,000, awarded to a pre-med student (3 years).

Jared Wesley, son of Bill & Judy Wesley, has been awarded a $10,000 Dean's Citation in Arts, one of the University of Albert's top scholarship. This award is one of many prestigious scholarships in the U of A's Scholastic Distinction Program, aimed at outstanding students entering or transferring to their first undergraduate U of A degree with a minimum average of 95 per cent.

Senior administrators of high schools and post-secondary institutions across Canada nominate students with distinguished academic and personal achievements. The top 10 applicants from this prominent group are offered a President's Citation, an award of $25,000 over four years and 17 are presented with a Chancellor's Citation, valued at $15,000 over four years. In addition, some faculties choose remarkable students for their Dean's Citation, $10,000 over four years or $7,500 over three years.

"Forever Young"

Pictured above are Charlotte Crawley, Ryan LeBoutellier, Peter Gwyer, Jacquie Sykes, Stacy Hislop, Patrick Doerksen, Holly Dalrymple, Garret Gilchrist, Lori Gwyer, Brad Cook, Colin Pollon, Jay Burton, Aimee Illchuk, Kim Taylor, Bev Mauws, Kerri Nylen, Ryan Gugin, Amanda Winder, Steven Neufeld, Marla Boyd, Kent Dillabough and Trent Andrews, some of MCI's 46 graduates and, their spiffily dressed dates. Although slightly crowded, all of the Prom-goers were ready to take on the world in their unusual mode of transportation, a horse drawn wagon, driven by Scott Ferguson.

The Minnedosa Collegiate Graduating Class of 1998 were all dressed up with a very important place to go last Thursday evening - Prom.

Good spirits were in abundance that evening despite the fact that the biggest moment of their young lives thus far was about to take place - Graduation - which was held the next day.

Springer's Final Thought: I think this message should come from the lips of the oh-so-wise Forrest Gump: "Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're gonna get." Also, dreams are like that box of chocolates; you have to try more than one to find the really good ones!- Lyle Dowsett, Valedictorian for the Class of '95. As with all the grads who walk out of here, not just mine, I wish you all the best of luck in everything you do and remember that you never fail at something unless you stop trying altogether. Graduation is a happy time, while it is also a sad time. You may be happy to be walking out those big doors for the last time, or you may be wanting to come back in when your girlfriend kicks you out for leaving the toilet seat up or not doing important things for her like buying her flowers or saying I love you or even getting fired from that high-paying job at Sassy's or something. I also personally think a Web page is a good way of showing off your class because it leaves a bigger mark for you instead of telling Brook to get out of the bathroom (I think?) or taking a MONDAY off to party somewhere. Rob McNabb says something like this really brings back memories (although the Reflector never produced any this year!!) and makes the Class look good. While I may not be a member of this particular class, I do think that this is a Grad present that will live on forever (or until the server's computer crashes.) Finally, I would like to thank everyone for accepting me and for all the wild parties. Kimmy, you've been great; good luck in Hamilton next year and with every other year to come. Bevvy, thanks again for being my date at my grad. Thanks to all the people on SEVEC for a great time and to Mr. Kiazyk as well. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be as good in French and I also would NEVER have found a site to download Internet Explorer 5.0, the fastest browser for a measly 486 computer (although now I am running a Pentium II 350 MHz computer. Woohoo!!). Thanks to the guys and gals for all the high-fives, hard or soft, and even to my class who may be reading this for all the e-mails and chain letters. Congratulations to you too; it's been a year!! I can see this is getting long, so "until next time, take care of yourself -- and each other."

Also, a quote that was published in the just released yearbook by the guest speaker, Mr. Stone:

"The direction that a star travels is not the question - that it travels at all is the mystery - that it even exists is the wonder. May your star travel to wherever you want to go and may the mystery and the wonder of how you travel never leave you. For it is the journey not the end which will bring you your greatest happiness and your greatest rewards."

Tomorrow on Springer, young adults who watch WAAAAAAAAY too much television!

by Cameron Farr, Class of '97

Update: a full-length Real Audio version of "Time of Your Life" by Green day!! This requires RealPlayer and possibly a Pentium processor. I discovered this only shortly after upgrading our old 486 computer, so... Try it anyway. Click here to download the song or here to listen to it. To download, you can either click on the link and once it finishes downloading, go to Temporary Internet Files in the Windows directory and copy/cut it from there and paste it somewhere else. Alternatively, right-click on the link and choose Save Link As… Also, due to a few requests (you're welcome, Char), I now have "I Will Remember You" by Sarah McLachlan, which you can listen to or download (follow the above instructions).

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